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The Alchemical Imprints App is a library of Tarot cards, meditations, self-help courses, automated Tarot readings, quizzes, journaling and contemplation prompts, and soon… a conscious relationship focused dating and social app!

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~ Tarot readings using the color-restored version of the classic Rider-Waite-Smith deck with original write-ups and interpretations for general readings as well as relationship.

~ Tarot Readings using the recently published Illuminated Love Oracle Deck.

~ Tarot card lookup tool for studying the cards.

~ Multiple reading types including Single Card, Past-Present-Future, and Relationship.

Coming Soon: Additional decks and additional reading types.


~ Relationship Test: A 23 question relationship self-assessment tool to help you see if you’re with a compatible person. The results include insights into your relationship as well as advice. 

~ The Archetype Quiz: Which archetype is strongest in you - the Warrior, Artists, or Mystic? Your results contain advice on how to balance all three.

~ The Creativity Quiz: The creative process requires stillness and insight as well as action - which one is it time for now in your personal process?

~ The Intuition Quiz: Having a strong connection to your intuition is one of the most important things in life. This quiz will give you insight into that which is preventing you from fully following your intuition as well as give you advice on how to restore your connection.

Coming soon:

~ Choice Assessment Tool: Helping you choose between paths when you’re facing an important decision. 

~ The Zodiac Archetype Quiz: Helping you determine your strongest zodiac archetype and find balance regardless of your astrology sign and chart.


~ Becoming The Fool: A book and course teaching you how to use the Tarot Major Arcana for spiritual growth.

~ Emotional Equilibrium 101: A course to help you develop emotional intelligence and inner balance. 

~ Empath to Mystic: A book and course helping you master your intuition and fearlessly be yourself.

~ All courses include guided meditation practices and journaling and contemplation prompts.

~ The app includes a cataloged video library on a variety of self-help topics with the ability to submit your own question anonymously and have a video made for you.

~ A journaling tool is embedded throughout the app to help you keep a record of your readings, quiz results, meditations, and insights.

~ An events listing informs you when you can connect live (online or in person) with the teachers on the app

Coming soon: Courses on astrology, alchemy, tantra, breathwork, detoxification, Qabalah, and more…


Original Waite-Smith deck card descriptions and quizzes are all written by Aaran Solh, the author of Becoming The Fool: The Tarot Roadmap to Spiritual Awakening and Empath to Mystic: The Art of Mastering Your Intuition and Fearlessly Being Yourself (the books are available as courses in the app)

Aaran has partnered with additional highly experienced teachers to bring you more Tarot decks, courses, and tools that help you create inner alchemy every day of your life.