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At Alchemical Imprints, we believe our homes are our temples. That even our mundane objects could be decorated with sacred art. Art that imprints us with a reminder of who we are, who we want to be, and what we want to manifest in our lives. Art that creates ongoing unconscious alchemical transformation by wrapping ourselves up in it.

♌ When you choose imagery related to Leo, you're choosing to remind yourself that you have a bright, immortal inner sun that shines through your beautiful physical body. That no matter where you are, you always have the option to experience that bliss and radiate that inner light into the world 

♌ To embody Leo means to be the superstar of your own life!

When you choose a hooded blanket as sacred art, you surround yourself with the energy and intention that the art represents. So even when you're cuddling up and watching your favorite show or sitting in front of the fireplace, you are keeping your intention focused on who you are and who you want to be. 

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From Our Biggest Fan & Super Satisfied Customer

She's a Taurus girl & this is one of the Taurus sherpa hooded blankets

Excellent Print Quality

Super Cozy and Warm

Perfect for Wintery Nights

For People of ANY size (:

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