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The Chariot Tarot Card Altar Cloth or Tapestry with Starry Background

The Chariot Tarot Card Altar Cloth or Tapestry with Starry Background

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The Chariot Tarot Card: A man stands in a chariot with golden wheels. He is dressed in silver armor with a white square at the center of his chest. The shoulders are shaped as the crescent waning and waxing moons, his belt is adorned with astrological symbols, his skirt with alchemical symbols, and his crown is of laurel and adorned with an 8-pointed star; he is holding a wand.

The chariot itself has four pillars and is adorned with a blue tapestry decorated with stars at the top. At the front, it is decorated with blue wings extending out of a sun and a red symbol that is the combination of a staff and a circle. Before the chariot sit black and white sphinxes. One is male and one is female. Behind the chariot is a mote, a patch of trees, and then a walled city. 

One of the most important things to notice about The Chariot is that the Sphinxes in the image are not harnessed to the chariot. The sphinxes are free and sit before the chariot as part of the alchemical process undergoing the charioteer. The sphinxes, combined with the white square at the center of his chest and the 4 pillars of the chariot hint that, in fact, the initiate (that could be male or female) in the chariot dwells inside of the great pyramid. That he is currently being initiated into the mysteries of the Divine Masculine.

As The Strength card represents mastery of the Divine Feminine, The Chariot represents mastery of the Divine Masculine. While femininity is associated with union and harmony, masculinity is associated with polarity and the ability to divide and understand processes and how components work together to form a whole. This is why The Chariot card contains multiple symbols reflecting the polarity of masculine and feminine. Not because they have been brought into harmony (that happens in The Lovers card), but because the Divine Masculine has mastered the ability to understand and utilize them.   

Duality in The Chariot is reflected not only in the male and female sphinxes, but also in the symbols painted on the chariot. The red symbol showing a staff and a circle united represent male and female. The waning and waxing moons on his shoulders also represent the idea of mastering duality. 

In the same vein, the blue-colored winged sun represents the charioteer’s ability to transcend personal emotions and radiate his inner light regardless of where he is or who he is with. The star on his crown indicates a connection to the higher self while the stars above him communicate to us that he has also connected to the guidance of many spiritual beings and guides.

In the imagery of the card, the charioteer is moving away from the comforts and familiarity of the city and the lush greenery in the background and is heading into the unknown. He has used his well-built chariot (the embodiment of The Pyramid) with the golden wheels of wisdom to cross the mote behind him (representing the abyss of his unconscious mind) and move forward into mystical states or understanding guided by the Sphinxes. 

Association with Cancer: The Chariot tarot card is associated with the sign of Cancer and represents the ability to transcend both positive and negative emotions using the power of the higher mind. It reminds us that we are the guides of our own earthly vessels and are capable of successfully navigating the ebb and flow of life using knowledge, discernment, and the assertion of our innate power. 

When to use The Chariot card: When you feel like you are drowning in thoughts and emotions and are disconnected from your higher self and spiritual guidance, meditate on The Chariot. If you’re lacking in confidence, are feeling unprotected, or are wide open to external influences, see yourself as the charioteer receiving wisdom from above and directing it with his wand (your willpower). When you need to assert yourself in life and take a stand for something, calling on the Divine Masculine forces found in The Chariot will power up your willpower and unleash your mystical ability to clearly see the inner workings of what you seek. 

In addition, when you are ready to leave the comfort of the familiar and venture off into the unknown, use this card. When you are ready to venture across the abyss of fears and unconscious limitations you carry, you can invoke The Chariot’s energy and know that the sphinxes run before you to clear the way. You will soon come to know yourself as the powerful person who enters a room and everyone notices because they have invisible sphinxes that enter with them.

Altar Cloth / Tapestry details:

~ 100% microfiber Polyester
~ Hemmed edges for extra durability to ensure years of use
~ Advanced tapestry and altar cloth printing techniques guarantee crisp image detail
~ Multiple sizes (26x36 in, 50x60 in, 68x80 in, 88x104 in)

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