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The Death Tarot Card Oval Pendant Necklace With Chain

The Death Tarot Card Oval Pendant Necklace With Chain

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The Death Tarot Card: A skeleton wearing black armor topped with a red feather is seen riding atop a white horse with red eyes. He is carrying a black flag with a white rose-shaped mandala. Around the image of Death on the horse are a dead king, as well as others facing a similar fate: a peasant woman, a child, and a priest. In the background are a boat floating on a river, as well as the sun rising beyond two towers.

The Story of The Death Card: The Death card is about transformation, renewal, and change. This is indicated clearly by the white horse symbolizing purity and life force, the white rose (discussed further on), and the rising sun. The horse is the same horse seen in The Sun card, ridden by the naked child. Also seen in The Sun card is the feather - it is worn by Death and also worn by the innocent child. These commonalities with The Sun tell us that by liberating your life force (symbolized by the horse and feather), you will inevitably face this greatest of transformations. The transformation and death of the conditioned personality and its rebirth by the light of the sun (as seen in the background of this card). 

The white colors are also reminiscent of the white gown in the Temperance card. Similarly, it reminds us that as we invoke more and more balance and mingle the higher and lower life force energies in our heart, mind, and body, we will have to let go of that which is out of balance and untrue. Whether we are aware of those things or not, transforming them is the only way to arrive at the rising sun in the distance. 

It is interesting to note that the sun is rising where, in The Moon card, we see the moon rising. It is seen rising just beyond the two pillars of polarity. This sunrise in the distance is both a nod to the journey you have been on already as well as a future you must still undertake. It reminds you that you have already risen from the abyss and traversed a great journey. That in spite of the letting go that happens as a result of The Death card’s energy, that you will find great beauty and joy in what is to come. It provides hope. 

The four people in this card who are facing death come from different walks of life. This diversity indicates that nobody is free of the forces of death and renewal. That death comes to you regardless of money and status. Similarly, the small boat in the background is a reminder that transformation is a part of every person’s journey in life. It reminds us to allow the river to take us with its currents rather than fight them. It reminds us to surrender. 

Finally, the white flag that Death carries contains a 5-petalled white rose and, some say, corn. The white rose is a symbol of renewal, purity, and hope. Corn as well (along with any kind of seed) has long been a symbol of life, nourishment, and rebirth. The flag is a reminder that death is here to serve us on our path. That death is not a punishment but that surrender and letting go of old ideas, ego structures, and false beliefs is a liberating part of the journey, even if it feels like annihilation to our ego identity. 

The phoenix is always reborn from its own ashes. And so has every human who has faced the spiritual journey since the dawn of humanity. The white rose on Death’s banner tells us as much. But in case we needed more reassurance, there is one more place where the white rose appears in the Tarot deck. In The Fool card, the Fool appears holding a white rose, indicating that she has found the ultimate purity. Death is a crucial step on the path to attaining that rose.  

Association with Scorpio: The Death tarot card is associated with the sign of Scorpio and reminds us of the great equilibrating force of mortality that every person, rich or poor must face. It reminds us that to be truly connected to, and grateful for life, we have to live with an awareness of death and the inevitability of change inherent to life. Losing the fear of death and being able to tap into the great tapestry of power beyond the veil is one of the most empowering stages of spiritual growth.

When to use the Death Card: When you are facing a change or transformation that makes you feel out of control, helpless, or overwhelmed, The Death card is a good place to turn. Contemplating its energy will help you surrender to the flow of life and surrender to the inevitable rebirth that comes after death. You will ride the little ship down the river, through the pillars, and into the sun. 

In addition, when you are feeling stuck or finding it hard to let go of a relationship, a job, or a home, this is a good card to contemplate. It can help you get over the fears you might have of making change. Contemplating The Death card overall can help you feel more grateful for life and able to ‘seize the day’ as well as have the courage to follow your authentic path in life. Knowing that death may find you at any time, there is literally no time to waste!

Necklace & Pendant Description:

~ The pendant and its chain are made with robust brass materials that are long-lasting.
~ The print panel is made with aluminum while the pendant itself comes in a unique shape of an ellipse.
~ Brass pendant and necklace chain
~ Ellipse-shaped pendant
~ White aluminum print surface.
~ Lobster clasp closure

  One Size
Pendant height, in 1.50
Pendant width, in 1.00
Chain length, in 20.47


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