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The Magician Tarot Card Double Sided Print Rectangular Pendant and Necklace

The Magician Tarot Card Double Sided Print Rectangular Pendant and Necklace

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The Magician Tarot Card: A woman or man stands wearing a white tunic, red robe, and white headband. She/he also wears a blue belt woven in the image of a snake eating its own tail - the Ouroboros. In her right hand she holds up a white wand to the sky and her left hand points down; she has an infinity symbol above her head. On the table are a sword, a cup, a pentacle, and a staff. Framing the card are red roses above, and white lilies and red roses intertwined and merging below. The background is bright golden yellow.   

The Magician has been through the trials of the four elements. She has mastered the four elements represented by the Sword (Air), Cup (Water), Pentacle (Earth), and Staff (Fire) and she has mastered polarity as represented by the Lilies (Male) and Roses (Female). She has visited the polar extremes of the Lily and the Rose and allowed them to begin to merge within her. There is nothing left for her to understand about dualistic reality. And since she has reached this state, nothing binds her to it any longer. She lets go and surrenders everything. 

The Magician tells a story of baptism by Ultimate Truth. Those two words, Ultimate Truth, are capitalized because they are a proper noun. The name of something so unfathomable and intelligent that only descriptive names can be given to it, though it can never be truly named. Whatever its name, The Magician has surrendered herself to it. The power of Ultimate Truth is coursing through her body and washing away any trace of identity, desire, will, and even self. The magician has entered infinity, as depicted by the symbols above her head and around her waist. 

The yellow background of the card indicates that The Magician is in a purely solar place. She has entered the quantum field of infinite possibilities where all things exist in potentiality. She has been allowed to enter into The Garden of Pomegranates depicted in the tapestry behind The High Priestess. She has learned how to merge with the Divine will and receive its wisdom teachings, allowing them to flow through her and transform her completely. The Magician is undergoing rebirth into Spirit.

Association with Mercury: The Magician card is associated with the planet Mercury, which is symbolic of supreme intellect. Mercury is also the messenger of the Gods. The one who can go anywhere and communicate with Gods, angels, demons, and humans alike. Mercury does not take sides. The Magician, who is now beyond duality, does not need to take sides either. She understands that things are, and always have been, perfect. That all is unfolding predictably and ineffably. The Magician, like Mercury, sees all sides and fights for none. The only thing she can ever do is channel Ultimate Truth, which is felt by us as Unconditional Divine Love. 

When to use The Magician Tarot Card: When you feel a call to surrender and your soul’s longing is to look beyond the veil into infinity, meditate on The Magician. When you feel that your identity is ready to undergo a spirit-lead transformation without any of your fear or desire attachments, that’s when you turn to the energies embodied in The Magician. 

In addition, if you have strong judgments or ideologies, you may call on The Magician to see beyond them. When you wish to see equally through the eyes of peace as through the eyes of war and to understand hatred as you understand love, The Magician can help you. When you wish to understand why there is so much suffering in the world and why you, yourself, have suffered, look to the state of consciousness represented here, and it will take you on a journey from which you will never be the same again.

About the Pendant:

  • [Material]:  Stainless steel + acrylic 
  • [Size]:  Chain length 60cm(23.62"), pendant width22mm x high 39mm x thick 2mm(0.87" x 1.54'' x 0.79'') or width 29mm x high 51mm x thick 2mm(1.14" x 2.01'' x 0.79'')
  • [Color]:  Silver
  • [Print Position]:  Double-sided printing - Image is printed on both sides of the pendant. 

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