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The Moon Tarot Card Altar Cloth or Tapestry with Starry Background

The Moon Tarot Card Altar Cloth or Tapestry with Starry Background

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The Moon Tarot Card: The Moon card depicts a dog and a wolf standing on green earth howling at the moon while a crawfish emerges from the waters beneath them. Between them, a yellow path stretches into the distance between two pillars and into blue-colored mountains. Within the moon itself, you can see the three phases represented - full, half moon, and crescent overlapping each other. The moon has 32 rays (16 small and 16 large) and 15 small flames of light fall from it. 

The Story of The Moon Card: Overall, The Moon card speaks to duality and the reflective nature of life and the human heart. This is first symbolized by the wolf and dog which represent the wild and tame aspects of our humanity. It is also represented by the pillars which represent the polar opposites (Yin and Yang) of life. The card also shows us, however, that there is a straight and narrow path between the opposing pillars. It shows us that if one chooses to face the unknown (symbolized by the color blue in the distance), one can walk the path and evolve beyond the pull of the polarities. 

The waters beneath the dog and wolf represent the unconscious mind. The crawfish crawling out of the waters symbolizes the early stages of spiritual evolution. The crawfish is the human in her early stages of growth, leaving the waters of unconsciousness and striving for something greater. The crawfish is beginning the journey along the illuminated path toward enlightenment and transcendence. 

To illustrate this pathway of growth and learning there are many numerical hints. We see 15 flames falling from the moon and 15 is the number of The Devil card. This is a hint at what lies ahead on the spiritual path of growth. Telling us that every aspirant will need to face their inner passions, fears and all that binds them to the physical wheel of life and death. Each must learn to face their greatest fears and surrender to their destiny.   

Also to illustrate the path ahead, the 32 rays of the moon along with the moon itself give us the number 33. The 15 flames along with the number of the card itself (18), also gives us the number 33. 32 is the number of paths on the Cabalistic Tree of Life, and thus, 33 is the number of transcendence - representing the attainment of oneness and a consciousness beyond even The Tree itself, or of The Tree as a synergistic whole. 

In addition, 3+3=6, the number of the Lovers card, and 3x3=9, which is the number of The Hermit. Similar to The Devil card in layout, The Lovers represents the merging of duality within us - The Sacred Marriage. The Hermit card will also be a pivotal moment on the path as we learn to find the perfect light within ourselves.

Also associated with the number 6 is The Hierophant card because the number 6 is the letter Vav in Hebrew, and Vav is the letter associated with The Hierophant. Also, we find The Hierophant in the number of rays - 32. 3+2=5, which is the actual number of The Hierophant card. The Hierophant indicates a level of attainment reached as a person learns to become not only a seeker, but also the revealer of the sacred teachings (The Hierophant). 

Another Tarot card association we can find in The Moon card is The High Priestess, the counterpart to The Hierophant who is also sometimes called The High Priest. The High Priestess is associated with the moon itself (as a heavenly body) as she is the ultimate illustration of the teacher who reflects the highest solar teachings to those of us who can’t yet experience them directly. Her serene face can be seen inside the moon in this card. 

So here we have yet another polarity - the crawfish - an early stage of spiritual awakening at the front of the image, while in the distance, we are given the numbers 32, 33, 5, 6, & 9 indicating the significant stages and the goal of the spiritual journey. 

The High Priestess and her polar counterpart, The Hierophant, are the destiny of every aspirant who crawls out of the oceans of unconsciousness and commits themselves to walking the middle path into the unknown. But even further, this pathway leads the aspirant into the zero - the circle of the moon itself, which reflects The Fool card - the ultimate realization past all the iterations of attainment in the other cards. Past The Devil, through The Hermit, transcending The Lovers, The Hierophant, and even The High Priestess into full surrender.

Finally, a warning also exists in this card. The towers themselves point to The Tower card. Also, The Tower card is trump number 16 and there are 16 small rays and 16 large ones around the moon. These references to The Tower card tell us that each time we go to an extreme in any direction we will eventually face a rebalancing. The tower will be struck down and we will need to find the middle path once again in order to continue on our journey. 

Association with Pisces: The Moon tarot card is associated with the sign of Pisces and reminds us that no matter how far we think we've come on the path of evolution and consciousness, we will forever be beginners on the path and that an endless road always lies before us leading into the great unknown. It reminds us to embrace both the wild and the tame aspects of ourselves; the enlightened, and the shadow. The Devil as well as The Fool.

When to use The Moon Tarot Card: Exploring the polarities of life is a necessary part of our evolution. However, when you are ready to shed the excitement of exploring extremes and achievements and are willing to embrace the spiritual path, contemplate the meaning of this card. It will help you gain strength for the long journey ahead. The journey of freeing yourself from being ruled by unconscious desire and conditioning, to becoming The Moon itself, reflecting light and consciousness to others. 

Also, use this card when you need to make a decision between two paths in life or you find that desire is leading you down a path of pain rather than pleasure (such as addiction or unrequited love). Allow your inner crawfish to emerge from the waters of emotion and unconsciousness and walk the spiritual path of growth. Ask yourself, which choice takes you down the illuminating yellow path? Which choice comes from habit and unconscious conditioning? The choice of where to go is yours, and yours alone. But heed the warning of The Tower.   

Altar Cloth / Tapestry details:

~ 100% microfiber Polyester
~ Hemmed edges for extra durability to ensure years of use
~ Advanced tapestry and altar cloth printing techniques guarantee crisp image detail
~ Multiple sizes (26x36 in, 50x60 in, 68x80 in, 88x104 in)

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