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The Temperance AND The High Priestess Tarot Cards ~ Double Sided Print Rectangular Pendant and Necklace

The Temperance AND The High Priestess Tarot Cards ~ Double Sided Print Rectangular Pendant and Necklace

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The Story of Temperance and The High Priestess Cards

The Temperance card invites balance and surrender to the higher wisdom in our hearts. This is seen in the orange-colored triangle which is the combination of the lower, ‘red,’ nature of the human self with the golden-yellow of higher wisdom. The High Priestess is the perfection of the surrender and integration that we see in Temperance. In fact, the light of The High Priestess can be seen erupting in the distance in the Temperance card. 

Together, the energy of these two cards invokes the balance of the four elements and helps you evolve into being the Fifth Element - the reflection of true wisdom and Divinity on earth. The High Priestess sits in front of the sacred pillars from the ancient Temple of Solomon. Behind her is the Garden of Pomegranates, symbolic of eating from the Fruit of The Gods. But rather than be inside the Holy of Holies, The High Priestess sits outside of the temple and reflects those teachings back to us in an act of humility, love, and compassion. 

Wear these cards to remind yourself of your sacred mission in life. To get in touch with what are you here to offer, give, and teach. To find the answers to the questions, ‘What do you still have to integrate in order to find balance?’ And, ‘What wisdom teachings have I integrated that I am ready to reflect back to others who are in need?’ 

About the Pendant:

  • [Material]:  Stainless steel + acrylic 
  • [Size]:  Chain length 60cm(23.62"), pendant width22mm x high 39mm x thick 2mm(0.87" x 1.54'' x 0.79'') or width 29mm x high 51mm x thick 2mm(1.14" x 2.01'' x 0.79'')
  • [Color]:  Silver
  • [Print Position]:  Double-sided printing - Images are printed on both sides of the pendant. 

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